Individual craftsmanship for the purists among watch wearers

Individuality, puristic
design and craftsmanship
Made in Germany

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Vintage Alligator

Hand dyed alligator leather in full cut gives this strap its very special character. The sporty touch is emphasised by the hand-stitched stitches.

from 178,00


Ultra slim, elegant watch strap made of Shell Cordovan. The best that the Horween tannery from Chicago has to offer.

from 79,00


The embossed surface, the curved pattern and the carré tip give this robust, water-resistant strap a special character.

from 39,00


The three-layer tape is durable and waterproof. The embossing on the surface gives the strap its special look.

from 39,00

The all-time favorites from Fluco

The Heritage Collection

Significant, masculine watches require expressive watch straps. We meet this demand by using vegetable tanned leather, hand finished reptile leather and best horse leather from Horween in Chicago.

 Modern Times

Apple bracelets for the purists among the watch owners and for all those who want to connect the functional with the special. You can choose between three leather varieties for our handmade straps.

Finest Selection

Particularly fine and slim straps like these require the best of the leather. That is why we use only first-class calf leather from Germany, French goatskin and the finest nubuck leather in our manufacture. Our carefully selected reptile leather meets all requirements of species protection.

Nato Straps

There are many straps for wristwatches, but none is like a NATO strap. Nato straps are already a style icon of their own. They look great, are functional and can be changed very easily. We offer them in high quality leather and many colors.

Watch Cases

For a long time it was our desire to develop a product for our customers to store their watches safely. Our collection has been extended with a watch case and a watch roll. We use the leather of the Perlinger tannery in our neighbourhood and of course this product is manufactured with the same accuracy as our watch straps.

New for you

Watch Case Four

Ideally suited for all watch lovers who like to take more than the usual two favorite watches with them on their travel.


Watch Envelope

The velvety soft leather of the watch envelope protects your watch perfectly during transport and simplifies your safekeeping enormously when traveling.


Bergeon Federstegwerkzeug S

This handy tool is perfect for setting and removing spring bars from your Fluco leather watch bands.


Voucher 50€

Give away craftsmanship. Our FLUCO voucher in a high-quality hard cover.


Craftsmanship, puristic design and species protection on your wrist

Puristic design

While quality is always subject to the same values, design is subject to constant change. We meet this with our search for new trends with the most sophisticated design.

Masterpieces in your watch strap

In our manufactory in the Bavarian Forest, experienced bag makers process selected leathers into small masterpieces for your wrist. To this day, Fluco manufactures 100 percent in its own production facility in Furth im Wald.

Quality, honesty and tradition are fundamental values for us today, just as they were when we were founded 68 years ago. It is our daily endeavor to meet the highest quality standards.

`Omnia praeclara rara`
Everything excellent is rare

Species protection

For watch straps made of reptile leather and the trade in them, special laws apply that have been developed in the interest of species protection in accordance with the Washington Convention on the Protection of Species. In this it is mandatory to prove that watch straps made of reptile leather have been legally acquired. All reptile watch straps are marked with an IRV flag (species protection). According to the provisions of the Washington Convention on the Conservation of Species, this guarantees that the leather is an article in accordance with the protection of species law

Particularly fine and flat ribbons


Finest goat skin from the best tannery in France is just good enough to meet the requirements for our bracelet.

from 39,00


Only suede from the best tanneries has the right to be processed by us into Fluco watch straps since 1952.

from 39,00


Finest calf leather from the Perlinger tannery in our hood gives each of these watch straps a special appeal through secret tanning.

from 59,00

Louisiana Alligator Full Cut

This bracelet gets its special simplicity from the unpadded manufacturing of alligator skin from Full Cut.

from 198,00

This is what our customers say

Adrian Peter

Top quality, perfect service and delivery. I had to send one back because I didn't like the color of the strap. But it was absolutely no problem for Fluco. If bracelets then here!

Maximilian Wild

 A great leather strap at a really good price, top quality - Made in Germany - fast delivery. What more do you want?

I will certainly order more often here.

Theodor Ursel

I ordered a cordovan leather watch strap. The quality of the bracelet is exceptional and the exquisite craftsmanship is evident. It's great that something like this still exists!

Franziska Greinke

 I recently ordered a watchcase for my 2 watches here and I have to say that I am more than satisfied. You won't get any other product of this quality for this price. Fluco should still work a little on its marketing, but the products are already great.

Mike Johnson

Well, once again, very satisfied. Super quality, fast delivery and competent, friendly advice. I will definitely order a few more watch straps from Fluco.

Simon Späth

Really well made, beautiful material, great performance ratio.