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The most important size for you should be the web width. For this, a precise measurement of the web width (inner width) with a commercially available ruler is sufficient. If the measured width is, for example, 20mm, you need a watch strap with a width of 20mm. For instance, the marking 20/16 means that the web width is 20 mm and the buckle width is 16mm. The watch strap, therefore, runs from 20 mm to 16mm.

The lengths can be categorized as the following sizes:

SizeWatch strap length (measured without a buckle)
SWomen’s length 105mm x 75mm
MMost common men’s length 118mm x 75mm
LRare length for strong hands 128mm x 85mm

Yes, we produce custom-made products for an extra charge of 35 €. For this, you have to write us an e-mail with your desired measure and your desired type of leather. The production time for a custom-made product is 4-6 weeks.

Yes, watch straps that are ordered as a custom-made products are excluded from an exchange or a return.

It allows you to easily switch between your watch straps without any difficulty and without any spring bar tools. The spring bar can easily be attached to the watch and detached by using a slider.

Here at Fluco we are extremely careful to only use leather from known and named tanneries, which only use hides that are considered “meat industry by-products”. No animal is slaughtered for leather because of our products. If mankind stopped eating meat at some point, we would immediately go completely to “animal-free” materials, which would make absolutely no sense from a sustainable and moral point of view at the moment.

From our point of view, leather has been the most sustainable material there has been for centuries. In addition, we produce in Germany, where the highest environmental standards prevail.

There are negative criticisms of leather, but that doesn’t apply to the leather we use. The negative examples are most of the tanneries from the Far East, where unfortunately there is no environmental protection.

The tanneries we work with with the highest environmental standards.

Example Perlinger, the water that the Perlinger tannery uses IS clean after clarification in the company’s own sewage treatment plant when it was previously taken from the “Chamb” river.

We obtain most of the leather directly from Furth im Wald from the Perlinger tannery, which also only obtains its skins from southern Germany, so the shipping routes are short and there is hardly any CO2 consumption.

Many of the machines we use to produce are all stable vintage machines that do not have to be replaced with new machines after a short time.

Our electricity supply for 20 years from the in-house photovoltaic system.

Our leather bracelets are therefore both sustainable and morally a total recommendation.

We will gladly exchange your order for a different size and colour or for another item with the same or lower value. In this case, the shipping of the desired substitute will be free of charge in Germany. If an item is more expensive than the one previously chosen, please place a new order.

Please show understanding for us not being able to ship replacement items that are delivered abroad free of charge.

Let us know via the contact form which item you would like to have delivered as a replacement and if it is available, we reserve it until we receive your return. You can either do so by writing a mail to or by phone at 09973/2028.

Please use our Returns Service to return the goods.

Please also note that the right to return only applies to unworn and flawless items. As soon as you put the bars in and have the watch strap installed, it is recognizable. An exchange is then no longer possible.

All in-stock products are delivered by DHL within 1-3 days. It may take 4-6 weeks for custom-made products.

Fourteen day return period within Germany. Not too happy with the selection? No problem, we will take the goods back within fourteen days without any questions asked. However, the band must never have been worn on the wrist. We recognize this and unfortunately have to send the band back to you as the band is therefore not for sale. Abroad it is also possible to return the goods within the cancellation period of fourteen days.

We offer three different types of spring bars in our online shop, which are built into the strap. The quick-change spring bar is particularly recommended for you if you want to change the strap on your watch very often and don’t have a spring-bar tool.

The normal spring bar is recommended for you if you have a spring bar tool at home.

The curved spring bar is particularly important for watches where the lugs are close to the watch case. This is particularly often the case with new Rolex models. With a curved spring bar, you minimize the likelihood of your strap being damaged at the impact, enormously!