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Horween from Chicago

Here are probably many tanneries in the world that are talked about, but only a few that have a special myth and whose name is on everyone’s lips: The Horween Tannery, which has been based in Chicago since 1905, is one of them!

I was there for a visit a few years ago (and years don’t matter here) After my arrival, I spent the first few hours with Nick Horween in his office and it was about all the beautiful things that can be made out of leather. Be it shoes, watch straps or just the detailed cladding of his Chris Craft boot, everything was believable and left a lasting impression. As expected, I was impressed by the personal tour of the tannery.

Even more: it exceeded my expectations by far. It takes a particularly complex process to bring the Horween leather into the appropriate shape and color, which requires a lot of experience and craftsmanship to achieve a satisfactory result. This elaborate production also explains the high price, which is justified by the long durability of the leather.

We are pleased to be able to offer our customers a watch strap made of this special leather.

Perlinger from Furth im Wald

The name Perlinger stands for leather. Handcrafted calf leather of the highest quality has become Perlinger’s trademark over generations. Sustainable production methods underline the sense of responsibility towards the material, the environment and, above all, our discerning customers.

Tradition and experience are the cornerstones of success. For almost 150 years, the Perlinger tannery has been in the hands of Ulrich Perlinger in the fifth generation. The unique calfskin from Perlinger (is also a close relative of Fluco), which we use for the manufacture of some Fluco products, distinguishes itself through its appearance, its natural feel and its lifelong durability.

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Haas from the Alsace

The tannerie Haas has been based in Alsace since 1842, which is historically a land of tanners. You have successfully stood the test of time and adapted to new techniques. The Haas tanneries have left their mark on the leather industry. They went from oak and chestnut bark tanning to chrome tanning.

They went from box calf and roller leather production to the creation of Barenia. Then they developed into leather goods and clothing markets. For more than 20 years, the Haas tannery has invested a lot of time and money to find out how the environmental impact can be reduced even further.

We use Haas leather for our Bidart, Barenia, Watch Envelope single, Watch Envelope two, Watch Envelope three and our AirTag keychain Barenia.

Conceria La Perla Azzura

La Perla Azzurra tannery is located in Santa Croce sull’Arno, in the heart of the leather district. This area of ​​Tuscany, between Florence and Pisa, is the only Italian district where high quality vegetable tanned leather is produced.

Vegetable tanning is an old craft that, then as now, only uses tanning agents of vegetable origin and requires time and craftsmanship.

The aim of Paolo, the owner of La Perla Azzura, is to transform the raw material into a completely natural leather that is perfectly suitable for all types of production. This leather is perfect for those who are not only looking for high quality materials, but also a personal, sustainable style.

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About our buckles

Not only our watch straps are made entirely in Germany. Our clasps are also a product that can proudly bear the label “Made in Germany”. Of course, since we don’t manufacture the clasps ourselves, we have been purchasing them from the metal manufacturer Craiss for decades.

A traditional company that has set itself the task of producing the highest quality clasps for watch straps. We are really proud to have such a business partner! Due to the great clasps, the entire product is Handmade in Germany!


We carefully review all tanneries, manufacturers and suppliers we work with and together we evaluate new ways to further reduce our environmental impact. Our tanneries operate under the strictest regulations and beyond to ensure the safety of the environment and our products. This includes compliance with all laws, rules and regulations.

Our tanneries stand for clean, ecological and ethical leather. You attach great importance to traceability along the entire value chain, i.e. H. they have verifiable control from the origin of the raw material to the end product.

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I'm extremely happy with my purchase, great quality, very fast delivery. Will buy again!
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 I recently ordered a watchcase for my 2 watches here and I have to say that I am more than satisfied. You won't get any other product of this quality for this price. Fluco should still work a little on its marketing, but the products are already great.
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Fast Shipping. Very Professional and Courteous.
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An excellent strap, very good quality and service. I will buy more.
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