Become a part of Fluco as a business customer

Whether you are a jeweler, watch manufacturer, vintage watch dealer or store owner, we offer the perfect solution!

  • We manufacture 100% of our products in Germany. At a time when customers have numerous opportunities to buy cheap goods from the Far East, such as Temu or Shein, this is a marketing argument to die for!
  • We invest more than €500 a day in marketing, in which we directly target our dealers in the vicinity of the customer directly.
  • Because we manufacture 100% in Germany, it is also possible to produce small quantities in the leather requested by the customer.
  • We offer custom-made products as a service for existing customers.
  • For 95€ we can make a stamp with your logo, which we emboss on each ribbon.
  • We sell online, but our main focus is still on stationary retail.
  • We are happy to make our numerous videos and images available on request.
  • We have representatives in your area who can drop by at any time.
  • Various calculations and display options possible.
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